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“The new move-ins are very impressed with our DIRECTV. But as a property owner, I have been able to build these amenities into the rent, increasing my revenue to a level that I was never able to reach with the cable company, and saving our residents money in the process!”

Jerry Kroeger, Owner Miamiview Apartments

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IS DirecTV Right For You?
Are any of these an issue to you...?

Thousands of dollars of DirecTV revenue flowing out your door every month to the cable company instead of you - what if you purchased DIRECTV and its servicing in bulk, resold the combined service at a profit, but we did all of the work?

•Residents going to ‘A’ properties that include Television so your vacancies are going up
– what if you offered DIRECTV as an amenity – finally one that people actually use – and you attract more residents? What if there is no capital investment required to increase your occupancy with this amenity?

•Delinquent residents sitting cozily in your apartments watching TV and doing nothing while you pay a lawyer to get an eviction notice – what if you could shut off their TV if they don’t pay?

Lost resale or refinancing opportunity because the NOI is not as high as you wish – what if you could raise the NOI 3% to 7%?